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    Sarajane V. Quinn

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    Dennis M. Docheff

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    Milton R. Wilder

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Spreading Joy in Seattle Public Schools

This video focuses on healthy and active students, exploring how health, nutrition, physical education and athletics in Seattle Schools support the whole child -- where every student in every school is healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. more

Undergraduate Student Leadership Forum

Hello SHAPE America members in Higher Ed! With convention just around the corner I am sure you are looking for great opportunities to help further prepare your students to enter the teaching profession. SHAPE America is proud to announce that we will... more

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  • Dennis M. Docheff

    RE: National Standards for Coaches

    Posted in: All Member Forum

    Oops. Typo error in previous message--I typed "but in"; meant to say "buy in".

  • Gilbert SHAPE

    RE: Exchange Questions

    Posted in: All Member Forum

    Thank you for the questions. The add button is still found on individual's profiles. Higher Logic (the platform on which Exchange is hosted) is undergoing some changes and took the add button out of the directory, you will also notice some other...

  • Dennis M. Docheff

    RE: National Standards for Coaches

    Posted in: All Member Forum

    Carri, I am also glad that you asked the question. That shows that you CARE! That is the key to applying the standards to all levels. One of the things I like about the standards, is that they allow coaches to apply concepts to their specific...

  • photo not available

    RE: SPEAK Out Day February 10-11, 2015

    Posted in: All Member Forum

    Love the running shoes with the suits idea!!! See you the

  • Brian D. Devore

    Speak Out ! Day - A Great Experience!

    Posted in: All Member Forum

    I can't think of a greater service experience to our profession than attending Speak Out! Day . Last year was my first opportunity to attend. Like many other "rookies", I was not sure what to expect. Carly, Katie, and the entire SHAPE America staff...

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