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    RE: Creating Groups

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    I agree with you Michael, especially having different students push the button. Carrie Hueston Sent from my iPad ------Original Message------ Best thing I ever did was get the Team Shake app. You can have it auto-select any size groups you want....

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    Kevin, I really like these you have listed here! Another I used when I taught HS was: the teachers chooses 6 leaders - they in turn take turns choosing a group - BUT they do NOT keep the group they choose. The teacher then rotates the LEADERS, each...

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    RE: Technology

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    The best thing you can do to learn about tech is Google "Jarrod Robinson" or PEGeek. He has many articles on the subject. Hardware: projector, smartboard or smart TV Some apps I use: Team Shake - to pick teams/groups BAM Video Delay - let's...

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