Good news - there is funding for professional development

By Tana M. Ball posted 07-09-2017 15:25

The good news is a grant to implement professional development to train over 150 P.E. middle school physical education teachers how to implement and run annually a 10 day P.E. Bicycle Unit. The grant is using our YES curricula which is skill building from grades 1 to 12. The program will be in the 30 middle school picked for their disadvantage community to encourage more physical activity and community involvement around bicycling and walking. Part of the grant funding will be used to help the school communities be the leaders and advocates toward healthier activities. Plus the feeder elementary school teachers are invited to learn the elementary YES bicycle curriculum and include their school community in the middle school activities. After implementation on average 36,000 middle school students + 200,000  elementary students will be introduced to bicycling annually.  
This is a collaboration between Youth Educational Sports, Inc., Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, Los Angeles Unified School District and Los Angeles Department of Transportation.

We will share the winning proposal so other school districts can go after this State or Federal funding from Transportation.  Contact YES for a sample of the curriculum.  Introduce the best aerobic, cross training, lifestyle and healthy sport: bicycling.; Youth Educational Sports, Inc.; 818-292-0779