Exchange Online Community Celebrates 1st Anniversary

By Gilbert SHAPE America posted 08-03-2015 16:38


On August 4, 2014, SHAPE America launched a members-only community where health and physical education professionals could learn from one another, share trusted resources, and benefit from the ideas and strategies that are working across the nation.

Having a trusted professional network is vital for reaching 50 Million Strong by 2029, and we are pleased to say – one year later – that Exchange has thrived thanks to the thousands of SHAPE America members who log in and engage daily.

Watch the videos below to hear what members have to say about Exchange! 

In case you missed it, here are some fun facts from this past year:

  • Gilbert, the Exchange mascot, was named after SHAPE America’s founder, William Gilbert Anderson.
  • Thousands of members view, respond to and start conversations daily on Exchange
  • We've had 700+ discussion topics including “P.E. Time,” a popular thread created by member Teresa Kernink.  
  • Blogs have also been a big hit with the community, including Paul Zientarski's "12 Minutes to Make the Case for Physical Education,” which has gone straight to the top of our most-read blogs.  
  • Please share your thoughts and memories on Exchange here.


Coming Soon! SHAPE America Set to Launch "Mentor Match"
Whether you’re an up and coming, mid-level or a seasoned HPE professional, through the power of Exchange, we’ll help you make a unique, professional connection! "Mentor Match" will allow you to connect with other members to network, share and grow in your career.  Check out the fall issue of Momentum for more details.

Log in using your member ID and password to access all of the discussions and resources available on Exchange, or join/renew today to start collaborating with thousands of your colleagues!


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08-12-2015 15:31

I am not too fond of Exchange. I feel like it is very hard to navigate and the site just doesn't flow. It could really benefit from a little bit of a redesign. Also, I really do not like having to use my member ID number in order to log in. Why can't I create a username and use that to log in?