Pogo Stick Safety

By Amy Nyhart posted 06-12-2017 15:22

I just received a grant for pogo sticks to use during our jumping unit and fitness unit.  My question, do those of you who use them have the students wear helmets?



10-16-2017 15:48

Hello Amy,

I am a Health and PE student at West Chester University. Thought out my time at West Chester I have observed many different PE classes and I have seen pogo sticks implemented in a couple classes. The students did wear helmets and they only ever jumped when they were on top of a large floor mat. lastly, at one school I saw a sort of modified pogo stick with a very large bottom section which makes jumping easier for beginners. 

Hope this helps!

10-16-2017 15:09

Hello, I am a Health and PE student at West Chester University. I think pogo sticks can be very beneficial in a pe classroom, however there are several safety precautions that should be met. It is safe to assume that not all of your students have been on a pogo stick before so it could be a little intimidating for the ones who have not. For safety, I would recommend that all students wear helmets and knee/elbow pads. You can also use mats around the area where the students will pogo stick in just incase they do fall off.

10-16-2017 14:14

Good afternoon,

I am a student at West Chester university and am currently studying Health and Physical education.  I strongly recommend that you must have every student wear a helmet for safety.  We do not know who has and has not been on a pogo stick, so it could be dangerous for the students.  Many students may be skeptical about going on the pogo stick because they may get hurt as well.  If you incorporate the use of helmets and maybe even gymnastic mats, this would create a more safe environment for your students and lead to success in learning how to be on a pogo stick

10-16-2017 13:54

My name is Chris DiEnno and I am a current student at West Chester University studying Health and Physical Education. Pogo sticks are a very interesting piece of equipment to incorporate into a physical education class. It would be beneficial because it is a skill that has multiple skill components such as balance, jumping and coordination. One of the concerns that I have is gaining the trust of all students to try using a pogo stick and not thinking they are going to fall off. I remember one of the biggest reasons I was scared of using a pogo stick was because I was worried about falling off. I think a pogo stick can be used in PE as long as students are wearing helmets and other safety rules are implemented.

10-16-2017 13:44

As a student at WCU, child safety has been stressed throughout all of our courses.  I would definitely sY wearing a helmet is extremely important, especially since a Childs brain is still developing.  There is no point in taking a risk that they fall and hurt themselves.

10-16-2017 12:43

​Hi There! I am a senior at West Chester University. I am all about helmet safety for various activities. When I was a child, I could not get the hang of jumping on a pogo stick and would constantly fall over. Therefore, I think the students should wear a helmet especially if you possibly want to take them outside on the blacktop. When I looked up pogo sticks and helmets online, it also brought up possibly wearing elbow and knee pads as well.

10-16-2017 10:16

Hi Amy, I am currently a student at West Chester University studying health and physical education. I love the idea to use pogo sticks in physical education. I provides more unique ways to incorporate jumping with using something like jump ropes every time. Pogo sticks are something not every student may have access to. I think helmets are a must in this instance. Not all students may be familiar with pogo sticks so you do not know there skill levels to begin. What are some other ways you have come up with as safety procedures?

10-15-2017 19:09

I am currently a Senior at West Chester University. That is very interesting that you use pogo sticks during your classes. What are some ways that you incorporate them during class? Also I think you should have the students wear helmets while using them. By providing them helmets your protecting the child as well as yourself, using a pogo stick is something that takes a lot of practice. For beginner level students they may fall a lot so giving them a helmet is something that you should do.